Scotty's House - Kits to Save the World
May 30, 2024
April Theiss, Community Engagement Coordinator
Scotty's House - Kits to Save the World

Scott's House is our next Kits to Save the World partnership. We will be assenbling Hygiene Kit at our next Done-in-a-Meeting. April Theiss is the community coordinator and our speaker for this day.

April Theiss serves as the Community Engagement Coordinator for Scotty’s House Child Advocacy Center. She wears many hats within the organization, but her main role is to develop and implement child abuse education and outreach initiatives within the Brazos Valley.

She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with my family and friends, mostly on outdoor adventures such as going fishing with her husband and boys for the day. She also likes reading, gardening, and true crime podcasts/documentaries.