Naloxone and Opioid
Jun 13, 2024
Dr. Joy Alonzo
Naloxone and Opioid

Dr.  Joy P Alonzo, M. Engineering, PharmD

Clinical Associate Professor

MH/BH Peer Support Specialist

Co-Chair of the Texas A&M Opioid Task Force

Department of Pharmacy Practice

Texas A&M Health Science Center Rangel School of Pharmacy

Dr. Joy P. Alonzo received her BS degree in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh, her Masters of Engineering in Engineering Science from the Pennsylvania State University, and her doctoral degree in Pharmacy from Howard University College of Pharmacy in Washington, D.C. Dr. Alonzo has extensive clinical experience to include pharmacotherapeutic driven patient care, healthcare disparities evaluation and innovation with a special emphasis on rural health and access to care, health system evaluation and development. Her research interests improving access to primary and specialty care, especially mental and behavior healthcare via the innovative use of technology.  Dr. Alonzo has a special focus on substance use disorder prevention, education and treatment and provides support to Mental and Behavioral health focused facilities, organizations, and initiatives across the state of Texas and the U.S. She is partnered in research projects with the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health, as well as Rural Community Health Institute. Dr. Alonzo currently serves as a Clinical Associate Professor at the Rangel School of Pharmacy, and is the Co-Chair of the Texas A&M Opioid Task Force.